Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dallas has a lot of millionaires, such as the Ewings of Southfork Ranch.

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Sam is working late tonight or he would have been home two hours ago. Yes, his hours are insane. If you’re wondering what the hell he does for a living, I’ll simply say that Sam is a senior project manager in the financial print industry, and his job involves helping corporate clients prepare and submit to the SEC confidential transactional and compliance documents related to IPOs, mergers, acquisitions and other fancy whatnots like quarterly and annual financial reports. He also answers the phone.

Now you know what Sam does! And apparently he’s good at it, because he’s worked in the same industry for 25 years and survived way too much drama, 50 rounds of lay-offs, two great recessions and a couple of flat tires. And since inquiring minds want to know, here’s a nice picture of Sam’s office.
This is a fancy multi-use complex near downtown Dallas that includes three office towers with lots of elevators, a five-star hotel, overpriced restaurants and snooty stores for millionaires. Dallas has a lot of millionaires, such as the Ewings of Southfork Ranch.
Hey, I’m hungry. It’s already after 1 a.m., however, and probably a little too late to start horsing around with braunschweiger and toast, so I might fall back on a couple of chocolate chip cookies instead because three big boxes of cookies arrived yesterday in my Netrition order. (They’re low-carb. Of course.) If I’m still hungry afterwards I’ll just go to bed and dream about branschweiger.
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