Saturday, March 22, 2014

We love Costco.

In this post: Moaning, shopping, remodeling.

3:15 A.M. Know what? I feel so thoroughly miserable right now I almost can’t use my damn keyboard! I woke up half an hour ago with a substantial fever and severe joint and muscle pain, and Sam heard me moaning when I got out of bed and helped me shlep into the study so I can sit here rocking back and forth like a large turnip. He also brought me a Marcytini from the kitchen with a mountain of ice because my hands feel like they’re on fire and I like holding the glass.

Other than that I’m having a really nice Saturday so far. How about you?

8:10 A.M. In case you’re wringing your hands about the overall condition of my health I finally managed to get a little extra sleep this morning. I’m sure I’ll continue to improve after I eat breakfast (I’ve got a craving for pickles & biscuits) or maybe I can pester Sam into a trip to Costco. WE LOVE COSTCO! Just in case he’s agreeable to this I’ve already typed up a shopping list of our standard favorites, including a large quantity of the outstanding snack pictured below.
Also on today’s list are frozen cooked Angus burgers, Kirkland kitchen trash bags, “loaded” potato salad for Sam, breakfast burritos, a lot of sliced cheese, blackberries and brochures about refacing (or refinishing) our kitchen cabinets. For your possible interest I’m so damn hungry right now I could eat my pencil sharpener.

9:26 A.M. Yes, people, we’re considering a REMODELING PROJECT here at Howdygram headquarters! We’d like to see our kitchen cabinets with a new finish and some nice brushed nickel hardware and I’m also considering a new storage piece with a drop-down desk in the corner of the room where we have a pub-height table and benches right now. Our first step is to start collecting ideas and prices, but if the cost is really insane I’ll probably splurge on a couple of oven mitts instead.

Thank you. I mean it.

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