Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Magic plumbing fairies came over last night.

In this post: Easy fixes, a kvetch report.

I’ve got some incredible news. A team of MAGIC PLUMBING FAIRIES came over while we were sleeping last night and fixed the problem with our new Whirlpool water heater!

After this thing was installed on Monday we weren’t getting any pressure in the shower in our master bathroom and the temperature was pooping out to lukewarm before we were halfway finished. Sam left a voice mail for the installation team from Lowe’s, and they called back to explain that a new water heater can sometimes cause sediment to get stuck temporarily in the trap behind the shower (who knew?) and cause the problems we were having. This morning, though, everything was COMPLETELY BACK TO NORMAL all by itself with plenty of scalding hot water (Sam enjoys the “lobster” effect) and pressure like Niagara Falls. And then we swapped our shower head with the guest bathroom ... JUST FOR FUN!

However, if this is unnecessarily confusing — or if you simply don’t give a crap — please feel free to move along to the next paragraph. Thank you.

Know what? I’m feeling unusually kvetchy today, as evidenced by my current list of confounding physical complaints: 1) my right knee is exceptionally stiff and lousy; 2) I’m peeing too often; 3) my body temperature is 95.2°; and 4) I don’t have an appetite. That’s not a misprint, people: I DON’T HAVE AN APPETITE. I had to force myself to eat lunch today — Vienna sausages and low-carb chili! — and now I can’t muster up any interest in dinner even though it’s after 6 p.m. and high time to think about eating things. For the record, all of the aforementioned physical complaints are related to diabetes with the exception of my stiff and lousy right knee, which is the result of old age, arthritis and too much tap-dancing as a youth. (You realize I’m probably kidding about the tap-dancing, right?)

Thank you for reading this.

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