Saturday, March 22, 2014

I can hardly wait to scorch my Ball Park Smoked White Fat-Free Turkey Franks!

In this post: Overtime, kitchen gadgets, celebrities.

Here’s some sad and pathetic news: SAM HAD TO GO TO WORK TODAY and probably won’t be home until 4 a.m. This sucks, right? Fortunately he managed to squeeze in a three-hour nap after lunch — actually, we both did — so at least I know he’s not feeling like a zombie. To amuse myself in Sam’s absence I immediately ordered an adorable stainless steel toaster oven from Wal-Mart for $39 ... the exact same brand and model that Amazon sells for $156. Click here to see for yourself! I’M NOT KIDDING!
I haven’t owned a toaster oven for decades, but now that I’m a senior citizen with mobility issues I realize I need one desperately because I can’t bend all the way down any more to reach the broiler drawer of my GE gas range. (I tried last week and almost fell over. Don’t tell Sam, okay?) The appliance pictured above is a Premium PTO169 Toaster Oven Broiler with the usual assortment of standard accessories — knobs, pans, dials, racks — and a ton of five-star reviews on Wal-Mart’s website ... more than any other brand or model. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SCORCH MY BALL PARK SMOKED WHITE FAT-FREE TURKEY FRANKS!

For your possible interest here’s a VERY funny video clip of an insane game of musical chairs that I found online a little while ago. There’s no option to embed it in the Howdygram so just click the button below and share the link with your friends and relatives. Thank you.

And finally, for your Saturday night entertainment please check out the following photo montage of celebrities when they were young. Try to guess a few of them; the answers appear below in case you give up.
ANSWERS: 1. Bette Davis (on the left, with her sister); 2. Diane Keaton; 3. Dolly Parton; 4. Elizabeth Montgomery (“Bewitched”); 5. Howard Hughes; 6. Willie Nelson; 7. Eleanor Roosevelt; 8. Judy Garland; 9. Walt Disney; and 10. Vincent Van Gogh.

Wasn’t this fun? Be sure to tune in again next time, boys and girls!

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