Friday, March 21, 2014

It’s amazing how you can talk yourself into eating insane crap when you have diabetes.

In this post: Shirataki on sale.

In case you don’t have anything productive to do tonight here’s a hot tip from our Happy Homemaker department! Zero-calorie shirataki noodles are 10% off through March 28 at Asian Food Grocer, and if you love this crap as much as I do you’ll drop everything RIGHT NOW and buy yourself a bunch. Asian Food Grocer has the best prices on the Internet plus cheap flat-rate shipping. I just ordered some Skinny brand shirartaki angel hair noodles and shirataki rice.
If you’ve never used shirataki products before, they’re packaged in attractive plastic bags floating in brine and all you do is rinse them in a wire strainer with cold water, let them drip-dry for a couple of minutes and you’re ready to throw them into soup or drown them in sauce. For the record, NEVER SMELL THE BRINE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Incidentally, these are NOT just for Asian food! You can add them to almost any recipe, and I really like the angel hair noodles with low-carb Bella Vita pasta sauce and parmesan cheese. The texture’s a little peculiar (rubbery, actually) and shirataki products don’t have any flavor, but it’s amazing how you can talk yourself into eating insane crap like this when you have diabetes because normal rice and pasta are verboten.

Helpful hint: Cut up the angel hair noodles with a kitchen shears while they’re still in the strainer or you’ll end up with one hilariously inedible half-mile long noodle.

It’s 9 p.m., and I’m trying to figure out what time Sam will be home from work tonight. He started this morning at 11 and should have been home TWO HOURS AGO, but there’s a big client hoo-hah going on tonight so I’ll just have to be patient and hope he gets here before sun-up. In the meantime I’m going to eat a nice piece of Schwan’s frozen fish and watch the last half of Biography of a Bachelor Girl (1935) starring Ann Harding, Robert Montgomery and Edward Everett Horton.
 I know I lead an incredible life, but please don’t be jealous. Thank you for reading this.

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