Sunday, March 23, 2014

God willing and weather permitting I might clean out the freezer tonight.

In this post: Screaming, organizing, dining.

Know why I love the Howdygram? I CAN TYPE IN ALL CAPS* WHENEVER I WANT AND NOBODY’S ALLOWED TO GIVE ME ANY CRAP ABOUT IT. Caps are liberating. Try it sometime. It feels like you’re SCREAMING AT THE WORLD, and lately there’s plenty to scream about. For instance:
  1. Sam had to go to work today. On Sunday!
  2. Russia steals Crimea; NATO says Moldova is next (see below). Romney blames Obama.
  3. Missing airplanes.
  4. Killer mudslides.
  5. Exploding helicopters.
  6. An oil spill in Galveston Bay.
  7. The ebola virus is rampant in Guinea.
  8. Tiger Woods misses the Arnold Palmer Invitational.
Regarding item 2 in the list above, I’ve got a theory. I’d be willing to bet that Vladimir Putin had so much fun sending troops to Sochi to guard the Olympics that he decided to shuffle them a few miles north to grab Crimea as long as they’re in the neighborhood. I’m just saying.

It’s 6:30 p.m. here at Howdygram headquarters and I probably should be pondering dinner. And there’s so much to ponder! Since Sam is still at work I think I’ll do baloney and pumpernickel sandwiches with dill pickles, and afterwards — God willing, weather permitting and if I feel up to it — I might clean out the freezer and refrigerator because they’re loaded with crapola we don’t need. (Especially the freezer.)

I’d like to recommend a few fine movies coming up this week on TCM but my blood sugar is starting to drop and I think I should probably eat dinner before horsing around with another neatly-typed list. I knew you’d understand.

*For prosaic emphasis and less violence italics are always swell, too. Thank you.

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