Thursday, March 27, 2014

A new appliance and an easy homemade old people’s potato salad recipe.

In this post: Washing things, eating things.

That sound you hear in the background? Yes, it’s LAUNDRY DAY again at Howdygram headquarters! At the moment I’ve got towels in the dryer and a load of socks and whites spinning in the wash. I honestly can’t imagine anything that’s more entertaining on a Thursday afternoon except for refilling my pill sorter or possibly a nap.

My new Wal-Mart toaster oven is ADORABLE, everybody. I love it! Sam unpacked it this morning and I’ve already got a master plan to break it in at dinnertime with a few Ball Park Smoked White Fat-Free Turkey Franks and the broiler dial set to “scorch.” These will be used to make a diabetic-friendly version of Chicago-style hot dogs using one-carb buns and sugar-free relish along with the other mandatory accoutrements (mustard, chopped onion, tomato, a dill pickle, Vienna sport peppers and celery salt). I might have a stroke just thinking about this.
Other entrees I can cook in my attractive new toaster oven include: 1) tuna melts; 2) accidentally-blackened grilled cheese; 3) reheated egg rolls; 4) and all manner of tasty frozen whatnots from Schwan’s so we don’t have to heat our gas range to 425° in the middle of summer in Texas. Examples: Schwan’s Mozzarella Sticks, Hot & Spicy Chicken Boobies and Teeny Baby Bakers.
Here’s a swell tip if you’re a mobility-impaired senior citizen like yours truly and you can’t shlep around your kitchen any more with five pounds of potatoes in a pot of boiling water or stand at the counter dicing things. USE SCHWAN’S TEENY BABY BAKERS TO MAKE EASY HOMEMADE OLD PEOPLE’S POTATO SALAD! You just bake them according to the package directions, let them cool off to room temperature, cut them in half and add your favorite potato salad dressing! I like mayo that’s thinned-out with a little liquid from a jar of dill pickles (or green olives) plus Lawry's Seasoned Salt. (If you can’t bribe a friend or relative to dice some purple onion and celery for you, learn to live without them.) For your possible interest my old standard NOT-mobility-impaired potato salad recipe appears here.

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