Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pringles, the pre-chewed grease chips in a can for morons who play with their food.

In this post:, duck lips.

A couple of things before I forget! First, President Obama personally asked me to post the following important announcement because you only have FOUR DAYS LEFT to enroll in the Affordable Care Act for 2014. THE DEADLINE IS MARCH 31 AND THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL. Please remind everybody you know, okay?

Republicans are still scheming to repeal the law, lies and misinformation are rampant and the evil Koch brothers are actually distributing free liquor on college campuses to sabotage enrollment among young adults. In spite of it all, though, SIX MILLION AMERICANS HAVE ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE. You can, too ... and tell your friends and relatives!

And finally, is anybody besides me totally sick of the stupid new ad campaign for Pringles pre-chewed grease chips in a can? “YOU DON’T JUST EAT ’EM.” Is this really the best that Pringles can do after half a century ... recommend their product as a  drunken prop for millennials’ selfies instead of actual, you know, FOOD? Because this “duck lips” crap is for morons. If I don’t want to eat ’em, why the hell would I buy ’em?
Thank you for reading this.

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