Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday night doldrums highlighted by bathing in the sink.

In this post: Redelivery, baby Sam, Plan B.

Hey, remember the damaged box from my last Netrition order (see previous post, paragraph titled “Sucky Reason #3”) that UPS never delivered on March 18? The tracking information on UPS’s website reads like “War and Peace” — check out the screen shot below — but apparently Netrition finally reshipped everything from upstate New York for overnight delivery TOMORROW. Wow, people, that’s one damn expensive shipment, considering the carton contains nine really heavy glass quart bottles of DaVinci sugar-free flavored syrups plus three boxes of chocolate bars, three bottles of sugar-free Thai chili sauce and a jar of Stevita sugar-free fake cherry Kool-Aid drink mix!

It’s 11:45 Sunday night and Sam has been downtown at the office since noon. And if that’s not lousy enough, he just called to tell me he’ll probably be there until 7 a.m. tomorow morning. ANOTHER ALL-NIGHTER! It scares me when Sam doesn’t sleep, and Howdygram headquarters is so damn lonely when he’s gone that I keep baby pictures of him spread out all over my desk to remember what he looks like. I’ll scan a few of them for you now. (He’ll probably kill me for this.) I especially love the deliriously happy expression on Sam’s face in the middle picture. He was seven months old at the time; the occasion was Steve’s third birthday, January 1960.
News flash. My hands feel like ice and I have a headache. I briefly considered lying down in the family room to watch a movie or a “Columbo” rerun but I really don’t want any noise ... just a couple of Tylenol and a nice hot shower. Except due to the regrouting/recaulking project coming up on Tuesday WE CAN’T USE SHOWER IN THE MASTER BATHROOM UNTIL THE END OF THE WEEK. So I guess I’ll just move on to Plan B: splash myself with hot water from the sink and go to bed.

Thank you for reading this.

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