Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I think the Affordable Care Act is a much better deal than cheap corndogs.

In this post:, National Corndog Day.

Before I forget, a very important deadline is coming up for the Affordable Care Act, and Michelle Obama has asked me to post the following reminder on my blog:

The First Lady didn’t really ask me personally, of course, but I did get an email from her staff this morning encouraging everybody with blogs and Twitter and Facebook to remind Americans to enroll in health care by March 31 if they want to be covered in 2014. THIS IS REALLY HUGE, PEOPLE. If you don’t have health insurance, go to Thank you very sincerely from Michelle and Marcy.

In other exciting news, March 22 is National Corndog Day and your local Wienerschnitzel is proud to announce its swell two-for-a-dollar sale, ONE DAY ONLY. If you’re into this kind of thing you won’t want to miss it.
Just between us, though, I think the Affordable Care Act is a much better deal.

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