Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deadbeats, milestones and dinner.

In this post: Clingy clients, a farewell to Ovation Creative.

For the record, even though I’m collecting Social Security now (see earlier post) it doesn’t really mean I’m 100% retired since a handful of desperate clients are choosing to hang on till the very bitter end. I assume this is because they love me, although the feeling is NOT reciprocal and I’d be overjoyed if they all just disappeared already.

The latest drama? There’s a client in Ohio who finally decided to close her business and discontinue her website at the end of the year, which is fine with me, and another in Wisconsin who won’t respond to my emails that her domain name is expiring on December 31 and she has to mail a check IMMEDIATELY if she wants me to renew it. I’ve sent her four messages so far. (If she’s dead I wish somebody would tell me.) Plus I’m also waiting for my other 12 website clients — most of them deadbeats — to mail their quarterly hosting payments by Christmas, although judging from past experience I’d be willing to bet I only get checks from HALF of them. Oy, my head hurts from this.

While I’m on the subject ... December 31 will also mark the official demise of Ovation Creative, which is a HUGE MILESTONE because I’ve had my own graphic design/web design business for more than 26 years. I closed out my merchant account six months ago and stopped accepting credit cards, and at the end of this month I’ll end my Ovation Creative website and email address. I hope my clients are paying attention to all the email notices I’ve sent or they won’t know how to get in touch with me after January 1. (This wouldn’t be such a bad thing, actually.)

I think I need some dinner now. I’ll be accepting your menu suggestions here for the next 15 minutes. Thank you.

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