Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome to “ground zero.”

In this post: Freezing fog, empty shelves.

For at least the next several days north Texas will be ground zero in the Zombie Ice Storm Apocalypse. We’re currently experiencing FREEZING FOG until 9 a.m. Sunday morning, which is depositing EVEN MORE ICE on top of the inch we’ve already got. Freeways and surface streets are virtually impassable and about 200,000 residents are still without power ... including most of NorthPark Center, Nordstrom, the Apple Store and Keller Hamburgers. Breaking news on our local NBC affiliate says Whole Foods has been ravaged and you can’t even find a box of freakin’ SALTINES. For the most part, supermarkets are empty all over town because deliveries can’t get through.
In Denton, about 25 miles north of Dallas, several hundred ice-bound 18-wheelers have been parked on Interstate 35 north since Friday morning, leaving the freeway virtually impassable. Churches in nearby Sanger are taking in stranded drivers and distributing food. Most drivers are just sleeping in their trucks. I don’t want to guess what they’re using for bathrooms.
Howdygram headquarters, fortunately, has fully functioning utilities, a couple of toilets and more than enough of our favorite ice storm essentials: 1) braunschweiger; 2) Coke Zero; 3) Beanit Butter; 4) lox & bagels; 5) a freezer full of whatnots from Schwan’s; 6) pistachios; 7) Brownie Brittle; 8) instant McCormick gravy in two flavors; 9) Russell Stover sugar-free chocolates; and 10) tasty Hormel tamales in cans. Thank God.

For the record, we have no plans whatsoever for Sunday because there’s nowhere to go and we probably couldn’t figure out how to get there, anyway. Thank you for reading this.

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