Thursday, December 5, 2013

Waiting for the ice storm from hell.

In this post: Bedding 101, dire warnings, crap weather.

I’m having an issue with hot hands and feet tonight — diabetic peripheral neuropathy again — so I thought I’d hang out in the study for a while and post a picture of the new bedspread I ordered this afternoon. In case you’re interested I didn’t buy the coordinating pillow shams for three reasons: 1) you really don’t need them with a bedspread; 2) they’re generally annoying; and 3) king-size sham stuffers are too heavy to lift with my nerve-damaged hands. Therefore I’ve decided to make our bed the “old-fashioned” way ... with our regular bed pillows folded underneath the spread. Click here if you have a problem with this. Please feel free to offer a detailed explanation.
Dire warnings about the approaching ice storm from hell continue to evolve. Now is forecasting heavy ice and sleet to begin today by 5 p.m., about seven hours ahead of their earlier prediction, which means Sam may not go to work today at all since he doesn’t start until mid-afternoon (second shift) and his company always shuts the office in an ice storm so everybody can drive home without careening into guard rails. I’ll bet they’ll close the office tomorrow, too, because we’re expecting nonstop ice through Friday night. As an added bonus the high temperature on Saturday and Sunday won’t get out of the 20s. This is OUTRAGEOUSLY CRAPPY for north Texas. I might need a chicken soup I.V.

I think I’ll try going back to bed now. Thank you for reading this.

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