Sunday, December 22, 2013

Disappointment and braunschweiger.

In this post: Crappy merchandise, a dinner dilemma. 

The verdict is in, people. MY CRAPPY NEW OFFICE CHAIR IS GOING BACK TOMORROW. What a total disappointment after waiting three months for this damn thing on back order, then watching Sam assemble and disassemble it three times today trying to figure out why the angle of the seat (which isn’t adjustable) tilts so far forward that a handicapped senior citizen like yours truly has to put excessive pressure on her already-lousy knees to keep from sliding onto the floor. Holy mother of crap.
Sam and I are both in exceptionally lousy moods. It’s so bad right now that I don’t even want BRAUNSCHWEIGER. Maybe I’ll just hang out in the family room for a while and watch holiday movies until I feel like a regular person again, such as Christmas in Connecticut (1945) starring Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan.

Thank you.

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