Monday, December 23, 2013

Drive-by Christmas cards and a visit from Schwan’s.

In this post: Bah humbug, pleasant frozen whatnots.

As I write this post Sam is embarking on a post office “drive-by” to mail our six Christmas cards. I realize we’re probably a week late with this activity, but it’s apparent that nobody really gives a crap about Christmas cards any more since we’ve only received TWO this year ... and both are from people I don’t even know. (Sam’s co-workers.) Therefore, here’s a big fat Howdygram PHOOEY to all you humbugs out there and a Merry Festivus to one and all.

I’m expecting our Schwan’s delivery this morning, two days early due to Wednesday being Christmas Day. Today’s load of pleasant frozen whatnots will include several bags of Sam’s favorite mozzarella sticks, a herd of egg rolls and two sacks of roasted onions and bell peppers, all pictured below for your possible interest.
Thank you for paying attention and have a nice day.

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