Sunday, December 1, 2013

Who wouldn’t want a case of Hormel tamales delivered by helicopter?

In this post: Amazon does it again.

Hi, people. While Sam is asleep in the family room watching My Favorite Spy (1951) starring Bob Hope I’ve decided to hang out here with the Howdygram until it’s time for my next meal, which most likely will be SOON judging from the noise in my stomach. I’m considering a variety of different menu possibilities, but right now at the top of my short list are Five-Minute Stupid Soup and Marcy’s Low-Carb Mock Matzo Balls. (Point of interest: When you throw in mock matzo balls, Five-Minute Stupid Soup actually takes 40 minutes.)

You may recall my Howdygram post on November 11 when I broke a news story that was launching Sunday delivery through a special contract with the U.S. Postal Service. Amazon’s Sunday deliveries are already underway in New York and Los Angeles; the program will expand to Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and New Orleans in 2014. Well, now it gets even better, because Amazon is ready to introduce Amazon Prime Air ... THEY’LL DELIVER YOUR CRAP BY DRONE IN UNDER 30 MINUTES! CEO Jeff Bezos says they’re ready to start commercial drone operations as soon as FAA regulations are in place for unmanned aerial vehicles, and I’m guessing it will be SOON because who wouldn’t want new slippers or a case of Hormel tamales delivered by helicopter? I’ve got a video clip of an Amazon drone in action. Is this cool, or what?

Here’s what’s coming up at Howdygram headquarters this week in case you’re interested: 1) I have a prescription refill ready for pickup at Wal-Mart; 2) Sam has a dentist appointment on Wednesday; 3) the new season of “Millionaire Matchmaker” premiers Thursday night on Bravo; and 4) I can’t think of anything else. I have a rich and rewarding life.

Stop laughing. Thank you for reading this.

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