Monday, December 30, 2013

Here’s an end-of-December feel-good story.

In this post: Mental health, braunschweiger, a big win.

Let’s talk streamlining for a minute, okay? In my ongoing effort to avoid the hives and a cerebral hemorrhage, during the last 24 hours I’ve successfully “unsubscribed” myself from approximately four dozen assorted left-wing political email lists that were hounding me multiple times a day since the 2012 presidential election cycle. These included all of the following.
For the record, I decided NOT to discontinue emails from the Texas Democratic Party, President Obama and Organizing for Action because they don’t routinely pester me to death with an unending flood of political horseshit or beg for dough with terrifying predictions about armed right-wing takeovers and the evil Koch brothers from hell.

How about an end-of-December feel-good story! If you have a couple of minutes with nothing much to do, check out this video clip of Sheree Heil from Tacoma, Washington, winning one hell of a grand prize on “The Price Is Right” ... the biggest prize in the program’s history. Holy crap!

All of a sudden I feel terrific. Maybe I’ll declare Braunschweiger Day and have a feast for dinner.

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