Thursday, December 26, 2013

Everybody knows that spooky crap happens all the time on the Internet.

In this post: Weird shit and spooky crap.

I didn’t write a Howdygram post yesterday because Sam and I enjoyed a non-holiday celebration of naps, food, movies and joyous slugdom. (Mostly because we’re Jewish.) However, please allow me to wish y’all a happy day-AFTER-Christmas, and I hope you snagged a pile of thrilling presents and ate enough indigestible fruitcake to sink a freakin’ battleship.

Everybody knows that spooky crap happens all the time on the Internet, and here’s a perfect case-in-point. I saw The Marriage-Go-Round DVD advertised on Amazon a couple of weeks ago the day after I’d searched the Internet Movie Database for James Mason — he’s the male lead in The Marriage-Go-Round opposite Julie Newmar and Susan Hayward; maybe the IMDb links to Amazon somehow? — and decided to order the film because it’s a cute comedy and I probably haven’t seen it for at least 35 years due to the fact that it’s never shown on TV. So here’s where the spooky crap comes in. Yesterday I discovered that The Marriage-Go-Round is scheduled on the Fox Movie Channel tomorrow at 12:15 p.m., probably the first time it’s ever been on cable. What are the odds for a coincidence like THAT? Spooky, right?
I’ll be back later with additional interesting baloney. Thank you for reading this.

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