Saturday, December 14, 2013

I’ll risk damn near anything if unlimited egg rolls are involved.

In this post: Dense fog, giant pies. 

Here’s some breaking news on Saturday afternoon from your friends at Howdygram headquarters! We’ve just decided NOT to drive all over town looking at Christmas lights tonight because it’s too cold and damp outside and also because Sam wants to spend some quality time with the gigantic apple pie he bought this afternoon at Tom Thumb. So I won’t feel left out I purchased the following essentials today from a variety of my favorite Internet retailers. I ordered 100 insulin pen needles from, a foamy soap dispenser thing from Amazon and McCormick Brown Gravy on eBay.
For your possible interest the following map indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; B) the aforementioned Tom Thumb supermarket, located on Northwest Highway in Garland; and C) a new Chinese buffet in Mesquite that Sam will NOT take me to because every time we go to a Chinese buffet they throw in ptomaine at no extra charge. Sam tends to get crabby about food poisoning but I’ll risk damn near anything if unlimited egg rolls are involved.
Is it snowing where you are today? Do you hear sleigh bells? Laughing reindeer? Neighbors shoveling? The Dallas metro area is cold (41°) and slightly damp following dense fog last night and this morning so Sam and I are staying home to eat things and watch movies. Thank you.

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