Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sam has changed his name to Mister Productive today.

In this post: Wider is better, meet Mister Productive.

It’s entirely possible that some of you may not be aware that the Howdygram is 20 pixels wider today. While this might be no big deal to you whatsoever it’s a very big deal to me because 20 extra pixels can change a person’s life, and as soon as I think of a few examples you’ll be the first to know. Meanwhile, in case you don’t quite know what 20 pixels looks like you can check out the red box in the illustration below.

I’m pleased to report that Sam has changed his name to Mister Productive, tackling a list of worthwhile Sunday afternoon homeowner projects such as: 1) sweeping and mopping the garage floor; 2) changing the furnace filter (which also involves advanced ladder-shlepping); 3) fertilizing the tree in our back yard; 4) tracking dust all over the house; and 5) eating pie. We’re enjoying lovely mid-December weather — 60° with tons of sunshine — so Sam is feeling extra-motivated. If I hold a good thought maybe he’ll even wash the car!

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