Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Marshall Field’s was the best damn department store God ever created.

In this post: Remembering Frango Mints.

Know what? FedEx will deliver my sugar-free Russell Stover chocolates ANY MINUTE NOW, and I can hardly wait! This time I included two bags of their French Mints because I’m hoping they’ll remind me of the unforgettable Frangos I used to buy at Marshall Field’s — THE BEST DAMN DEPARTMENT STORE GOD EVER CREATED — a million years ago when I lived in Chicago. (I still dream about Frango Mints. Also Italian beef sandwiches.)
Apparently you can still buy Frango Mints at Macy’s (they bought Marshall Field’s in 2006) but I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Macy’s may be okay for furniture once in a while but Frango Mints are SACRED to me because I loved Marshall Field’s. I have distinct childhood memories of trips downtown on the subway with mom to shop at their gigantic flagship store on State Street, and then we’d go to Paulson’s on Wabash for lunch and I’d order the Francheezie (a grilled hot dog with cheese and bacon) and a strawberry pop.

Yes, friends, my fondest childhood memories ALWAYS INVOLVE FOOD.

And this is actually an ideal segue into my next point of interest! Sam has agreed to an emergency grocery run to Costco in the morning just ahead of the advancing ice storm that threatens to keep us housebound until Monday. Because God forbid we should run out of Brownie Brittle or lox. I’ve been working on my list all afternoon.

And finally, the City of Mesquite’s solid waste mavens are scheduled to pick up our old king bed frame and box springs first thing tomorrow morning (see earlier post), which is excellent news, and Sam said he’d shlep everything out to the curb when he gets home from work tonight, probably around 10:30.

I think that’s probably more than enough meaningless horseshit for one day, don’t you? Cheers, y’all.

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