Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Slippers from FootSmart are recommended for “feet with issues.”

In this post: Happy feet, new connections.

Take a guess what’s new today at Howdygram headquarters. Give up? SLIPPERS! I usually shlep around here year-round in my bare feet but a FootSmart catalog that came in today’s mail convinced me to take a closer look at the cuties pictured below. They’re recommended for “feet with issues” — i.e., plantar fasciitis, swelling and diabetic neuropathy — and made of squishy microfiber terry with REAL MEMORY FOAM FOOTBEDS and have traction soles in case I decide tap dance outside on the snow and ice. Even better, they only cost $24.99, come in huge sizes (I’m a 12 wide) and I ordered them in black. (I order everything in black.)

In case you’re interested, I’m also wound up about something else besides slippers right now because I’ve started researching new cell phone service for Sam and me so we can make a change when our AT&T contract expires. I think we’ll probably go with Consumer Cellular for AARP members because it’s so damn affordable. We can even get an iPhone for Sam with a decent text/data plan and an ordinary senior citizen phone for moi — you know, with buttons as big as M&Ms, amplified sound and large print — for way less than we’re spending with AT&T. Stay tuned for additional updates but please feel free to continue your normal daily routine in the meantime.

I need to eat lunch now and organize some crap in the kitchen. Shalom to you and yours.

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