Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A girl can never have too many blood glucose test strips. Ask anybody.

In this post: The fossil speaks, cheapo diabetes supplies.

The question of the century is, why is Pat Robertson still on TV? Nobody believes what this drooling old fossil has to say about anything, including his own “followers.” From an article on The Raw Story, during a televised prayer segment last night on the Christian Broadcasting Network a viewer wanted to know why Robertson and his co-host never ask God to replace lost limbs. “Is it because you believe He can’t regrow limbs?” asked the viewer. “Can’t God do anything?”

Robertson appeared shocked and flustered. “What’s with you?” he snapped. “We believe in God for cancer to be healed and you want him to grow the organ back? I mean, come on.” Then he regained his composure, citing examples from previous programs about a man whose missing eyeball was “recreated,” others whose missing teeth grew back and a man from Ghana whose missing leg regenerated during a church service attended by 200,000 people.

Holy crap ... now THAT would be great television!

And now for a quick shopping update. Tonight I discovered a really cheapo line of blood glucose testing supplies manufactured by GE. I don’t know yet if this is a new line of products or maybe I’ve just never seen them before, but the meter and 50 test strips only cost $9.99 each ... and that’s outrageously less expensive than the FreeStyle Lite strips I’m buying now. (FreeStyle Lite is a hot bargain on eBay at $20!)
So ... I ordered a GE meter and test strips tonight from Diabetes Supplies 4 Less. They had the best price on the Internet, no sales tax and only $2.95 shipping. If the GE meter turns out to be accurate and easy to navigate I’ll make the switch permanently after I use up my supply of FreeStyle Lite. Right now I think I have enough to last through the end of the year.

A girl can never have too many blood glucose test strips. Ask anybody.

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