Monday, October 14, 2013

I bought a new chair today that has excellent reviews from customers with panoramic fannies.

In this post: Cravings, new seating, our latest Holy Crap Gallery.

Know what happens when a deranged diabetic is wide awake in the middle of the night craving chocolate? This:

At 3 in the morning I ordered FIVE BOXES of tasty ChocoRite chocolate bars (pictured above) from my pals at Netrition ... two boxes of milk chocolate, two boxes of dark chocolate and a box of milk chocolate peanut butter. They’re nicely priced (five bars for $5.99) with a glycemic load of ZERO — what a beautiful number! — thanks to lots of fiber, no sugar, practically no carbs whatsoever and no dreaded maltitol, the killer artificial sweetener that smashes into your intestines like a nuclear warhead. Holy crap. Is this exciting, or what?

In other local news, I bought myself a NEW DESK CHAIR today! If you’re a regular Howdygram visitor and vaguely remember a similar statement from me about a year ago (see previous post) you’d be absolutely right. It was a nice chair when we bought it but not very expensive ... and it didn’t hold up too well, either. I can’t keep the seat from sinking all the way down to the base (the pneumatic lift stopped working) which means I always feel like I’m sitting in a hole. And it’s torture for my knees. So ... today I bought a larger and sturdier new chair that has excellent reviews from customers with panoramic fannies, like moi. I got a nice deal — 25% off — with free shipping. (I’m always a sucker for free shipping.) Please allow me to share a photo for your possible interest.
And finally ... here’s the latest edition of our popular Holy Crap Gallery! It’s been six months since our last one, mostly because I’ve been so busy with the Howdygram’s Putz of the Week  and a never-ending list of Einstein Awards. Here we have a couple of TV cuties from the 1970s, then and now. Holy crap, right?
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