Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Choctaw Casino has a frozen yogurt machine with sprinkles.

In this post: Kicked to the curb, Choctaw Casino.

Howdygram headquarters is doing a happy dance! Tea party Republicans were kicked to the curb last night when they lost their unwinnable battle against President Obama and the United States of America, and I’m pleased to offer the following chart as evidence:
And so ... Federal employees can return to work today and our constipated government will finally move its collective bowels. Quite frankly, if I never see Ted Cruz’s face again it’ll be too soon. What an arrogant POS.

It’s Thursday, October 17 — less than two weeks till my birthday! — and Sam and I are planning a junket to the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma to play the penny slots and enjoy their half-price senior citizen buffet featuring above-average food and extra-wide aisles to accommodate walkers, rollators and power scooters.
The numbers in the photo above denote the following locations: 1) sugar-free pie; 2) pea salad; 3) nice meatballs; 4) glazed carrots; and 5) all-you-can-eat tartar sauce. Not shown: egg rolls, fried chicken, croutons and a frozen yogurt machine with sprinkles.

I’ll be 62 this year, in case you’re wondering. Holy crap and — as always — thank you for reading this.

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