Saturday, October 19, 2013

Amazon loves me and I love them right back.

In this post: When Saturdays suck, understanding Amazon.

It’s late Saturday afternoon and Sam is at the office. I hate sentences like that, because Sam should be hanging out here at Howdygram headquarters on Saturday afternoons with a cheesy movie on TV, such as The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932) starring Boris Karloff and Myrna Loy or It Came From Outer Space (1953) starring Richard Carlson, Barbara Rush and Russell Johnson. Both films are currently recorded on our DVR. In case you give a crap, Russell’s big break came years later as the Professor on “Gilligan’s Island.” In this part, though, an alien with a giant eyeball turns him into a zombie telephone repairman with a voice like the drive-through at Jack in the Box.

My morning was definitely socko, however, featuring a little shopping spree on Amazon. I needed another carton of eyeglass lens wipey things and more alcohol pads for my in-home medical laboratory. (I’m diabetic. I use alcohol pads whenever I inject insulin or check my blood glucose. It gives me something to do.) A full-color portrait of today’s purchase appears below for your possible interest.
But that’s not all. After I placed my order another screen popped up with the message: “Based on your purchase today, we also recommend …” with pictures of the following products:
Yup. Based on my order for eyeglass cleaner and alcohol pads, Amazon recommends the paperback version of Jurassic Park, a red Hamilton Beach toaster and an economy-sized carton of disgusting cheese crackers. Please send me an email if you can explain this because I haven’t got a clue. Thank you.

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