Monday, October 28, 2013

Go suck tumbleweeds, Governor Perry.

In this post: Victory for women, a Halloween surprise, hating my clients.

I’ve got some damn exciting news to share with y’all. A Federal judge has struck down Texas’ draconian new abortion law that would have closed nearly every abortion clinic in the state. It was supposed to take effect tomorrow but U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel ultimately decided that Texas could not place unreasonable new restrictions on doctors performing abortions or throw additional obstacles in the path of women seeking abortion services. I have only one comment for Governor Perry: YEE-HAW AND GO SUCK TUMBLEWEEDS, YOU MISERABLE MISOGYNIST!

Know what? I just ordered an extra-special Halloween surprise for Sam from Amazon that’s being delivered on Wednesday afternoon, however I’m offering no advance clues so everybody should just get over it.

Another day, another dilemma with ANOTHER CLIENT FROM HELL. Back on October 11 she sends an email asking did I ever receive her money order for the quarterly website hosting payment that was due on the first. I didn’t, of course, because she never really sent it. (I’ve been in business long enough to recognize every deadbeat trick in the books.) When I tell her no, I never got it, she responds with the typical “I can’t imagine what happened! Let me contact my bank!” horseshit … and then there’s another week’s delay waiting to hear back from her while she pretends to research a lost money order that didn’t exist in the first place.

Finally, on October 20, she shifts gears. She and her husband suddenly announce their decision “to shut down our website because we’re moving forward with a new business venture” — can’t she think of a better lie than that? — but they want to continue just their email account for at least a year. I tell her I need to receive her past-due October hosting payment PLUS funds to cover one year of email service NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 31. So of course it’s no surprise whatsoever that she calls me this afternoon — in her very best well-rehearsed, pathetic deadbeat voice — to share the following smorgasbord of deceitful crap: “Oh my God we have so many bills right now.” “There’s an illness in the family.” “There’s a problem with our bank account.” “Michael isnt working.” “I can’t get reimbursed for the lost money order for another month.” “I wish people would give us a break.” “I’m calling everybody I know.” “Are you stupid enough to wait until November 4 to get paid.”

I WANT TO STRANGLE THIS WOMAN, and I’m sure you can tell that I’ve never been so fed up with anybody in my entire life. My response to her endless baloney? Too bad, I don’t believe you, big deal, I don’t care, serves you right, why should they, I’m not surprised and yes, I’m probably that stupid. Please stay tuned for further developments.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. I have to reheat some Hunan Shrimp now.

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