Friday, October 4, 2013

Gain a new appreciation for Africa, courtesy of the Howdygram.

In this post: Crusty cod, appreciating Africa, tonight’s dinner.

It occurs to me that I totally forgot to post the following photo when our most recent Name the Celebrity contest ended on October 2. Therefore, here’s the mystery celebrity that nobody guessed. (Nobody guessed our last one, either. Try a little harder, people.)

Tonight for dinner I’ve decided to bake a piece of the the crusty cod that Schwan’s delivered on Wednesday, mostly because it’s a no-brainer and I don’t feel especially motivated to cook anything else. If I’m still hungry afterwards I’ve got leftover Chinese and a large wad of braunschweiger to keep me happy. (Don’t be jealous.)
If you have a few free minutes please check out this amazing map of Africa that I found on earlier today. I don’t think I ever really appreciated the immensity of this continent before, and I’m having a genuine “holy crap” moment as a result. (FYI, some inlaid countries have been rotated and/or cut to fit, but the area data is correct.)
Thank you for reading this.

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