Thursday, October 3, 2013

There’s nothing quite like baby animals to get your mind off the shitstorm in Congress.

In this post: Hanukkah, hating Congress, staying up late.

It was my intention to start this post a few hours ago but I eventually got caught up folding a mountain of laundry for Sam’s trip to California, after which I designed a couple of birthday cards, ordered myself a cute new robe — as a retired person I consider these “work clothes” now — and watched today’s episode of “People’s Court” with dinner on my lap. This was
not particularly satisfying, however, so as soon as I finish writing I need to throw together some additional food and watch “Project Runway.” (I’m craving American cheese, green olives and a Slim Jim. You should know by now that I never joke about crap like this.)
Incidentally, I already have the same robe in royal blue and black and it’s so damn stretchy and comfortable that I’d like to own it in red and purple, too. Therefore ... why not do something swell for your favorite senior citizen blogger and send Sam an email to let him know what his wife wants this year for Hanukkah. He’ll thank you for this. Please click here.

In case you’re missing the Panda Cam at the National Zoo (it’s been turned off due to the government shutdown ... thank the GOP) here’s a great video of a rare white lion cub learning to roar. She was born last Thursday at the Belgrade Zoo in Serbia. There’s nothing quite like baby animals to get your mind off the shitstorm in Congress!

Sam is working very late tonight. He worked very late last night, too. Actually, he didn’t get home until 5:15 this morning, which is about the same time I usually wake up for my pre-dawn pee. While I realize Sam sometimes works these crazy hours when clients are in-house for big projects, we were hoping to enjoy some quality time before he leaves for California on Saturday to visit his mom ... and now it just ain’t gonna happen. Sam will barely have time to pack.

Time to take a fistful of pills, inject some insulin and watch a Joan Crawford movie with a dish of pistachios. Thank you for reading this.

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