Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The best napping movies God ever created.

In this post: Blog bloopers, nap movies.

Because I subscribe to various discussion threads on Google’s Blogger help forum I’ve been receiving copies of frantic user emails for the last few hours complaining about a variety of blog software “bugs.” For instance:

The text editor is adding unwanted blank lines ALL OVER MY BLOG!

I clicked on Rich Text, added a line of text, pressed Save and then went to Preview. When I re-edit the text the two edit options appear for a few seconds and then the Edit HTML option disappears! This is as close as I can get to FLAMING! Do not use the text editor! I am using IE10, the latest version. There is no excuse for this.

There is now an issue with trying to add a link in Configure Link List. Its not doing ANYTHING. Updating this list is imperative for me! My boss will not understand! When will this be corrected!?

Day seven and I still can’t Save when I edit the text gadget although today I was able to paste into the Edit HTML window and Save by clicking Enter in the title box. Please fix this, Google! I have been waiting!

Let me add that I don’t know what these people are talking about. My blog is working just fine, evidenced by the fact that I just posted this. Thank you.

I had a nice juicy nap this morning. Sam and I talked on Face Time around 9:15, after which I stretched out on the chaise in the family room and slept through The Rains Came (1939) starring Tyrone Power, Myrna Loy and George Brent and the first half of Around the World in Eighty Days (1956) starring David Niven.
For the record, these are two of the best napping movies God ever created and both are permanently stored on our DVR along with Journey to the Center of the Earth with James Mason and Pat Boone, another all-time favorite. Plus I also love those Agatha Christie mysteries with Margaret Rutherford from the early 1960s. (It’s a good life.)

After reading a variety of news websites this morning I’ve decided that the entire world is full of crap and I don’t have the stomach for the Howdygram’s usual brand of satire. Therefore I think I’ll shlep myself into the family room and watch old movies until somebody makes Congress go away. Plus I’m also hungry.

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