Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I have to wash a frying pan.

In this post: Mopping up, praying for retirement.

Sam is working late tonight. My main focus for the next couple of hours will be basic kitchen organization, because my maid will be here tomorrow afternoon and I always feel compelled to straighten up the house before she gets here. This typically includes loading stray dishes into the dishwasher, cleaning off the countertops and I also have to wash a frying pan. A woman’s work is never done.

I’ve got happy news from our Retirement Is So Close I Can Taste It department. MY WEBSITE CLIENTS ARE DROPPING LIKE FLIES! Two of them discontinued their websites during the past month and I expect to lose three more before the end of the year ... primarily due to all of them being STINKING DEADBEATS. The point is, I refuse to buy into their lame “I can’t believe you didn’t receive my money order” horseshit any more, because these are the same irritating clods whose credit cards were always declined, too. (I even had one loser try to negotiate a payment plan for her payment plan!) I hope they all go bankrupt and leave me the hell alone. I’m serious.

I need a nice hot shower now followed by a great deal of chocolate. Thank you for reading this.

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