Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yes, dear friends, there are pound cake emergencies.

In this post: DVD disaster, sunken cakes, Real Housewives.

There’s some aggravating crap going on today at Howdygram headquarters so grab yourself a braunschweiger sandwich and get comfortable.

AGGRAVATING CRAP #1. It was my big Sunday afternoon plan to watch a Hildegarde Withers murdery mystery triple-feature — The Penguin Pool Murder, Murder on the Blackboard and Murder on a Honeymoon starring Edna May Oliver and James Gleason — all from the big Hildegarde Withers movie collection I ordered last week from Amazon (see post). Sadly, about 30 minutes into the first movie on disc one THE DVD HAD A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. The error message said “unreadable” so I had to eject the disc. (Incidentally, the swell and helpful customer service people at Amazon are replacing my DVD collection and I’ve already got my free UPS return label. I love these guys. You should be shopping there.)

AGGRAVATING CRAP #2. Immediately following the crushing disappointment described above I decided to drown my sorrow with a home-made low-carb chocolate pound cake — the same handy-dandy mix that I used on September 22 (see post) — but for some reason the damn thing collapsed on me AGAIN and turned into pudding ... AGAIN. Last time it was because I forgot I’d had my oven recalibrated and should have added back 10 minutes when I set the timer. Today I remembered to add back the 10 minutes but the damn cake still turned out exactly the same as before. What the hell, people. I don’t mind eating pound cake with a soup spoon in an emergency situation — yes, dear friends, there ARE pound cake emergencies — but this is really insane.

I might need therapy after a day like this. Or better yet ... I’ll just watch the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion tonight on Bravo! These idiotic drama queens — RUMORS! LIES! SCANDALS! PRISON! ADULT CHILDREN WITH NO JOBS! BAD PLASTIC SURGERY! — can only make me feel better about my broken DVD and soggy cake. Tomorrow will be a better day. I just know it.

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