Thursday, October 31, 2013

In Texas, “above average” is a five-star sushi review.

In this post: Happy Halloween, goodies from Costco, the drought goes on.

First, happy Halloween. Second, Sam is on his way to Costco as I write this post. Today’s list includes practically all of our regular favorites, such as: 1) an industrial-size package of surprisingly excellent lox; 2) sushi; 3) two kinds of sliced cheese; 4) breakfast burritos; and 5) two extra-large sacks of chocolate chip Brownie Brittle so Sam can bring one to work today for Halloween. Incidentally, Costco’s sushi is definitely above average, but please remember that I live in Texas and “above average” is a five-star sushi review here.

Contrary to everything predicted earlier this week by the lying sacks of poo at — a 100% chance of heavy storms and 24 hours of steady rain — we received NO WEATHER WHATSOEVER on Tuesday and Wednesday. No storms, no heavy rain, no thunder, no lightning, no wind, NO NOTHING. Total rainfall? A stinking one-eighth of an inch.

But you know what makes this even worse? Austin got 15 inches of rain and they’re evacuating half the city to higher ground! Holy crap, HOW COME AUSTIN HAS ALL THE LUCK?

I just injected insulin so I have to eat lunch now. Thanks a million for putting up with me.

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