Friday, October 18, 2013

The love affair continues.

In this post: Bagels and buns (part two).

It’s almost 11 p.m. and Sam is working late tonight, so I thought I’d hang out with the Howdygram for a while and keep y’all company. I guess the biggest news is, UPS delivered my low-carb bagels and hamburger buns from Netrition right on schedule (see previous post), and you know what? THEY’RE FAN-FRICKIN’-TASTIC. Only two carbs each. TWO CARBS!

The bagels are a little teenier than your typical bagel and the hole is big enough to work as a bracelet, but the texture is spot-on, it toasts just fine and the “everything” topping (garlic, onion, poppy seeds) is perfect. And the hamburger buns? Oh boy, much better than store-bought! They’re actually chewy and glossy like a bakery roll and I have fantasies about using them for all kinds of wonderful things such as braunschweiger sandwiches, barbecue beef and door stops. (I might be kidding about the door stops.)

Holy crap, I need some chocolate. Thank you for reading this.

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