Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why would anybody vote for a person who constantly looks like he’s taking a dump?

In this post: Sam in Los Angeles, Turd Cruz of Texas, it’s movie night.

Sam is in Los Angeles tonight, bunking next to his mother on a foldout cot at Kaiser Hospital in Panorama City, where mom is being treated for congestive heart failure. Apparently Kaiser is the hot-spot of southern California and Sam says there’s a rope line with bouncers if you expect to eat dinner in the hospital cafeteria. (I might be kidding about the rope line.)
It’s day five of The Great American Shutdown, and the GOP wants us to know that President Obama needs to recognize two things: 1) people elected Ted Cruz to the Senate in 2012; and 2) the Affordable Care Act must repealed. Pardon me for a minute while I puke.

Right-wing news sources insist that 25% of Americans hate the Affordable Care Act and another 25% hate some of it. By Republican logic, therefore, the entire government of the United States should be held hostage until the awesome power of Senator Ted Cruz — the narcissistic Texas windbag who orchestrated the “defund Obamacare” movement — is solidified for the vast majority of Americans that didn’t elect him. Incidentally, why would anybody vote for a person who constantly looks like he’s TAKING A DUMP?
In a nutshell, the Republicans are hell-bent to repeal the Affordable Care Act before people discover they actually like having health insurance. Is this pathetic, or what?

Wow, the house is COLD tonight! According to it’s 51° outside with light rain, so I’m thinking I should take a nice hot shower, turn the heat on for a while so I don’t wind up with pneumonia and watch a fun movie on TV. My best options tonight are: My Fair Lady (1964) starring Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison; Around the World in Eighty Days (1956) starring practically everbody (literally, it had a cast of thousands); and The Wasp Woman, a seriously weird and drecky 1959 horror flick starring Susan Cabot.

I vote for The Wasp Woman. Thank you for reading this.

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