Sunday, October 13, 2013

A savings of $5.54 is nothing to sneeze at, people.

In this post: A low-carb shopping spree, cheapo TicTacs, here comes Sam.

To celebrate Sam coming home from California today I decided to treat myself to a bunch of wonderful crapola from This includes two boxes of CarbQuik baking mix, four packages of very tasty low-carb ready-to-eat beef chili with beans, a jar of Go-Lo low-carb sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread (i.e., mock Nutella) and two bags of Great American Low Carb Bread Company “everything” bagels. I’m especially excited about those bagels. Only two carbs each! Not pictured: a bag of low-carb hamburger buns (from same company that makes the low-carb bagels) and two squeezy bottles of Mt. Olive sugar-free sweet relish. I’ve included all the links in case you want to go shopping. Yum-yum, y’all.

As long as I’m on a shopping kick, here’s some breaking news for all you TicTac fans ... shop on eBay! I found an excellent deal tonight on a 12-pack case of wintergreen TicTacs, which is my second-favorite food group after Slim Jims. I ordered two cases at $8.99 each with $7.98 shipping for a grand total of $25.96. If I’d bought these from Amazon I would have paid $31.50.

A savings of $5.54 is nothing to sneeze at, people. Stop laughing.

Sam is coming home this afternoon! Yee-haw! His flight gets in at 5:55 and he’s decided to take a taxi back to Howdygram headquarters. It really aggravates me that I can’t pick him up this time (I love picking him up at the airport) but considering all the miserable joint pain I’ve had this week I don’t think I’d be able to drive 35 miles each way. But wait ... there’s more! We’re also expecting a lot of rain today, and if Sam’s flight is delayed for weather-related issues I could be stuck waiting in the car — in pain — for an indeterminate length of time. So a taxi sounds like the best plan right now. I’ll be waiting in the window for him with a bowl of his favorite pistachios.

Thank you for reading this.

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