Sunday, October 6, 2013

I think we should all charter a bus and haul ass to Washington.

In this post: Congress (again), baking things, missing Sam.

Good morning, people. It’s a bright and sunny Sunday in north Texas! Before I do anything else, however, I’d like to encourage you to sign another petition — what a surprise, right? — asking Speaker of the House John Boehner to end the government shutdown and give up on that stupid orange spray tan. This one’s sponsored by Senator Claire McCaskill (Democrat from Missouri), pictured at right, and a long list of her well-dressed Democratic colleagues.

If this doesn’t work I think we should all charter a bus, haul ass to Washington and throw leftovers at the House of Representatives. Thank you for your support.

In other news, I’ve decided to BAKE THINGS today! This will most likely include: 1) a low-carb meatloaf; 2) a low-carb chocolate cake with white and fluffy low-carb frosting; and 3) I can’t think of anything else. In advance of item 1, however, I need to remember to defrost a brick of ground beef. Please click here to remind me.

Know what? Howdygram headquarters is NO FUN AT ALL without Sam. He’ll be in Los Angeles for another whole week and I’ll be here, bored and mopey but decidedly well-fed. (I’m always well-fed.) Thank God for Apple’s Face Time app. We get to look at each other two or three times a day because Sam has our iPad and I’ve got my Mac. (Even better, I don’t have to comb my hair first because Sam thinks I’m cute regardless.)

Thank you for reading this.

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