Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tea party putz attempts to defend himself against outrageous hypocrisy.

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Howdygram headquarters smells like pot roast. It’s been in the oven since 6 p.m. (about 45 minutes ago) and the fragrance is driving me crazy. Incidentally, this is a Schwan’s pot roast, and the nicest hunk of frozen meat you’ll ever buy. You should try it. Thank you.

I’ve got a real doozy for you this time, folks. Our latest Putz of the Week honoree is Greg Collett, self-employed software developer and right-wing Tea Party candidate for Idaho’s House of Representatives, who’s apparently attempting to defend himself against outrageous hypocrisy after an interview this week with NBC News. It seems that Collett admitted signing up his entire family — which includes 10 children — for Medicaid benefits while running on a platform that calls for dismantling all government programs. Including Medicaid.
“As with all welfare programs, Medicaid should not exist,” Collett wrote on his website. “If you don’t want my kids on Medicaid, get them off by terminating the entire program. I would be the most thrilled if that were to happen.”

In a pathetic response/apology to the rabid Tea Party base he’s been trying to attract, Collett’s explanatory statement made the situation even worse.

Let me set the record straight. Yes, I participate in government programs of which I adamantly oppose. Many of them, actually. Am I a hypocrite for participating in programs that I oppose? If it was that simple, and if participation demonstrated support, then of course. But, my reason for participation in government programs often is not directly related to that issue in and of itself, and it certainly does not demonstrate support. For instance, I participate in government programs in order to stay out of the courts, or jail, so that I can take care of my family; other things I do to avoid fines or for other financial reasons and some are simply because it is the only practical choice. With each situation, I have to evaluate the consequences of participating or not participating.

Holy crap. What the hell is this, exactly? It’s okay to take government money as long as you don’t actually support it? As far as I’m concerned, Republicans like Collett are the gift that keeps on giving, and I personally would like to stomp on this moron’s nutsack. Wearing cowboy boots. (And spurs.)

Here’s some good news for a change. My October Subscribe & Save order from Amazon shipped today! This includes: 1) a dozen bags of Sam’s favorite Planters Fruit & Nut trail mix; 2) a bottle of CoQ10 capsules to help the pain in my legs even though they don’t actually work; 3) Dr. Collins’ All White toothpaste; 4) two bottles of Tone Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash because I like to smell good; 5) two bottles each of SweetLeaf vanilla, apricot and berry flavor drops; and 6) zero-calorie, zero-carb Miracle Rice, 12 bags. Everything will arrive on Saturday via FedEx. Oh boy!
Time to inject some insulin and tackle that beautiful pot roast. Thank you for reading this. Pass the salt.

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